Ready for a fight

We know that big business won't concede easily, so we're ready for a long fight.

But losing isn't an option

Organise an action: Step by step

If we can organise a dozen local actions at Sainsbury's stores around the country the media will take notice and Sainsbury's will have no choice but to pay attention.

Take a look at the launch action for inspiration.

Step 1:

Get a group of friends together and start planning an action. It can be as simple as leafleting your local Sainsbury's to occupying. Try approaching your local anti-cuts group and trade union council to see if they also want to be involved. Working together with a group of people you might not be used to working with can be challenging but can also bring together many different skills, experiences and ideas.

Step 2:

Let us know what you’re up to and which contact details that you want made public and we will publicise the action and your new group of you have formed one, on our website.

Step 3:

Make sure you have printed leaflets from our website, and you contact the local media.

Step 4:

Keep meeting, talking, and organising. If you can build alliances with workers within your Sainsbury's store this will be ideal. Don't be surprised if some may be supportive but reluctant to get publicly involved – most major companies use contractual clauses around 'Bringing a company into disrepute' which can deter workers from protesting at their own workplaces or speaking to media for fear of losing their jobs. There can be other less public ways of organising and supporting Sainsbury's workers as part of this campaign. Let us know what you find so that we can all learn from each other.

Look at all the potential locations for actions

If you work at Sainsbury's and like this campaign and want to get more involved, spread the word about it and the Living Wage and stats on Directors pay and bonuses. Talk about it with your union rep and colleagues. Identify the people you can take action with in your store and start forming a group within the workplace which can organise. A start might be to organise a petition saying you think you should be paid the Living Wage. This can be used as a tool to talk to people, get contacts and identify potential activists who can carry on organising in the workplace long after you win on these issues. The key to reversing inequality is to get organised, get confident, build trust and take collective action together – unionise.