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This is a solidarity campaign with your demands for a living wage

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We want this website to be a place where Sainsbury’s staff can have a public voice without compromising their job security.

We are collecting staff testimony and experience of life working in Sainsbury’s. Please email if you have anything to say. We have a telephone number solely for use by anyone who works for Sainsbury’s. You can call it on 0777831614.

Please don’t provide us any of your personal details over the phone. We recommend that you do not use your personal phone. We highly recommend that you use an email account to communicate with us that does not give any clues as to your name or identity.

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What does your life look like on low pay?

What would a living wage mean for you?

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Why Sainsburys? Justin King CEO of Sainsbury's

The least Sainsbury's owe their staff is a living wage.